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  • Tacoma Educational Article of the Month - How To Get Rid Of Raccoons?

How To Get Rid Of Raccoons?

How To Get Rid Of Raccoons?

Tacoma Raccoons are dexterous animals who can be very nimble with their fingers. While this seems to be a great fact, people who have been hassled by their dexterity only hope for things to be different. They could rampage your garden and dig into your garbage can like a girl looking for the right dress in a heap of clothes. Your fish is never safe around them and your bird feeder will be emptied before you knew it. The fact that they are nocturnal Washington animals makes it even more difficult for you to find out what is causing all the mischief. Most of the times, people who are trying to get rid of raccoons usually have a raccoon family living in their attic.

Traps– Easily available and quick to set up, live traps can make it easy for you to get rid of the mischievous Washington raccoons. Just make sure that the rules of your state permit it. If not, you may need a license to trap and relocate raccoons. Buy a big cage and use some fruits or marshmallows to lure the Tacoma raccoon. To relocate them, take them at least ten miles away from your home and be careful while releasing them because they can bite.

Fencing– Use electrical fencing to get rid of Tacoma raccoons because they are great climbers and ordinary fences cannot do the job. You will have to run it in the night time only because that is the time when Washington raccoons are most active. Also keep your yard free of places where a raccoon would love to nest like logs, wood piles and empty tree cavities.

Block their entry to your house or yard– If you have raccoons living in your house then the first thing you must check is if they have their babies, also known as kits, along with them. If there are no babies then the best way to get rid of the raccoon is to wait for it to go out and then block the entry point it uses to come to your home. However if there are babies, then excluding the adult will only leave the kits motherless and they will eventually die. This is not the best course taken to get rid of the raccoon. Instead, use a torch to light up the region where the babies are kept or switch on a radio near the nest. Washington Raccoons are averse to loud noise and too much of light, you will find them leave the place quickly.

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