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  • Tacoma Educational Article of the Month - Opossum Trapping: How To Trap An Opossum

Opossum Trapping: How To Trap An Opossum

Opossum Trapping: How To Trap An Opossum

The word Opossum came from the defense mechanism Tacoma Opossum has. But do not think Opossums are innocent because they play dead to save themselves; these stinky critters are very efficient and adaptive to their surroundings. Because of their flexibility Washington Opossum could colonize practically anywhere anytime. They reside in abandoned burrows, tree trunk hollows or even under your house’s deck, attic or even inside the walls. Opossums are good diggers and because of that they could be a threat to the foundations of the house. These beasts are intelligent and responsible for quite a few number of bio hazard issues.

Here are few methods how to trap an Opossum-
Decide on the trap type - As soon as you are aware of the fact that these animals are invading your area start taking measures to keep them away before it’s too late. Trapping them is one of the measures you could take once you know they are inside the perimeter of your house. Trap comes of different sizes and shapes. Few things you need to make sure before putting up traps. First one would be crosschecking with your local game commission regarding the rules of the setting traps in your area. Then check for the places these things has been sighted or evidence of their existence like Washington Opossum dung and burrows. Try to find out how big the animal is as the trigger of big cages will not work for small ones and big Opossums will not fit in the small traps, whether it’s a cage or a snapper this concept will be same.

Selection of bait –
Once the trap type has been decided the next step is how to lure them to it. So for that bait is been used, Tacoma Opossums feed on anything pet’s food, dog dropping, fish, grains, fruits, vegetables, dead animals, etc. So it is suggested to use something which has a strong smell, smellier the bait its better. Most commonly used in household traps are bread soaked in honey and cat fish.

Methods of using the traps and bait –
After the decision has been taken about the trap and bait now you need to know how to use them, the way to lure them in the cage is the trick. First locate the place to keep the trap, near burrows, dustbins which were already been invaded or in your kitchen garden. Once setting up the trap scatter the bait around and inside the trap after trigger of the trap so that you are able to smear them in and they press the trigger sensor.

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