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  • Tacoma Educational Article of the Month - House mouse repellent

House mouse repellent

House mouse repellent

If you're in a situation where you need to remove and repel Tacoma house mice from your house then here are some other ways you can convince them that they should be living outside in their natural habitat. The first and most effective way of deterring mice is to get a cat, your plain old tabby pussycat is usually a mouse killing machine, it is inbuilt into their nature to kill any mouse they come across. There are also some small dogs, usually called Rat Terriers, that are also very efficient mouse hunters. Washington Mice instinctively take one look at either a cat or a small terrier and they know the jig is up, to stay in this house is sure death sooner rather than later.

But you don't have a cat or a dog, and are possibly allergic to cats so what are you going to do. Well first thing you have to do is try and ensure that the Tacoma mice that are currently in the house are the only ones can get into the house, you have to block out every hole that you can stick a pencil into both inside and outside. If you're trying to exclude mice the best thing you can put in the whole are those green plastic scouring pads you buy from the supermarkets, you know the ones you use to scrub dirty pots with. Don't use steel wool because it will rust away in about three months or so and the useless. No matter what you actually use to block out the hole you will have to secure it to the edges of the hole or the mice will eventually pull it out anyway.

One of the most effective ways of getting nice to leave is by removing the two things they have to have, food and water. Now removing all of the possible food sources might be nearly impossible because they can chew through a lot of packaging and containers, only really heavy plastic and metal will stop them. So the easy one to cut them off from is water, do a quick audit of the house and yard and see where the most likely places for them to get a drink are, remove all of them and make sure there are no places left at any time for them to get a drink, within two or three days they will most likely be looking for water outside, if they are not then they are still finding somewhere in the house to get a drink, you need to find that and remove it.

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